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"Give your hair volume like your favourite stars
with Bodii hair-thickening products"

Bodii utilises the most advanced hair care ingredients available
to add styling, volume to fine or limp hair.

Our effective & affordable products helps to keep hair full
and voluminous all day long.

Our formulas are compatible for all hair types.

"You'll love the clean hair feeling"

Imagine healthy shiny manageable hair that has exceptional body,
silky soft texture and looks sensational.

"With the Bodii styling range your hair will not only look great
but will feel great also!"

You'll be amazed at the styling ease and versatility that Bodii brings.

There are so many different hair styles that were once impossible to
maintain & control, but now with the Bodii range of products
those days are over...

The Bodii range constitutes mainly of essential body producing and
lustre enhancing properties without any lacquers or chemicals.

Work with the Bodii range and get to know your hair, let your imagination
go wild and experiment with styles that you've been hesitant to try,
because now you are no longer limited.

With regular products, once you created a style you were stuck with it
unless you washed it out and started again. Washing and conditioning
your hair and hoping to get it right the second time around.
Who has the time...

"This is why we created Bodii"

If you don't like the style that you have created,
simply brush it out and start over again.

Bodii has re-styling ease without the resin build up,
and it won't leave you with sticky, greasy hair.

Bodii is water soluble.

Bodii's unique formula separates each hair strand & creates instant body.

Bodii can be used several times a day without clogging up your
hair with product resin that dries & turns concrete hard.

"Hair should be soft and sensual, not hard and brittle"

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