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Achieve any look with the Bodii Styling Range specially formulated for styling and re-styling.


Bodii enables hair to be brushed into any hairstyle, which can then be brushed out and re-styled in seconds. The delivery system of the Bodii Styling Range sprays in a sterile canister with no exposure to oxygen, remains unchanged throughout the life of the product. This gives Bodii® styling sprays an unlimited shelf life with no expiry date. Whether you use Bodii every day, or only occasionally, the Bodii styling spray formula® remains fresh from the very first time you use.


The 60% water formulation of Bodii Hard-Mix and Bodii Mild-Mix sprays provides hold when you desire without locking the hairs natural body. It is oil free and water based which means it does not interfere with your natural sebum oil and will not be absorbed by the hair. Apply to clean towel dried hair or simply use it as a finishing spray on dry hair.



Bodii Mild Mix Spray Styling Formula 200g ...$29.00


A clear non-tacky formula providing conditioning and body.


Enables hair to be styled and re-styled.


Spray and blow dry as you go!




For straight hair styles: Spray on towel dried hair using small bursts, repeat until desired style is achieved.


For curls and waves: Apply to each hair section, allow a few seconds to dry before using straightening/curling iron.


Finish: Use it as a finishing spray working it through with your fingers or vent brush.


Bodii Hard Mix Salt Spray Styling Formula 200g ...$29.00


Designed to create amazing textured hairstyles.


A stronger non-tacky water soluble salted mix providing instant body affects.


You are only limited by your imagination.


Enables hair to be styled, brushed out and ready re-style in seconds!




Spray in small burst on dry hair and style as desired.


For wet and sleek looks: Spray on the palm of your hand or straight onto hair and work it into your desired style.

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